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Style with the future, move with the past

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Past, present, future no matter the time people were infatuated with how they look. People are constantly torn apart by what’s old and what’s new when all that’s left is a culture. For a minute the urban clothing and velour suits were steaming amongst the “youngins” impacting fashion as we know it.

In streetwear creating the culture with your brand is a challenge making it iconic is the goal. For example, Nike took the “swoosh” on a whole other level. The sneaker culture began hitting mainstream media in the late 70s with Nike and Adidas at the forefront. However, the ever-evolving need for something allowed other brands to venture into the apparel and sneaker segment. No matter how much time has passed designers and brands tend to look backward to the birth of modern-day influencers.    

Here are some of the old school brands that had a huge impact on the street fashion community.

#1 Adidas

Adidas made an entrance with the “Adidas Superstar 80s”. They entered the scene with the help of rap group Run DMC, making them one of the most desirable shoes back in the 80s. Most noticeable in the East Coast the birth of this trend began in New York City a to this day are left as a basic accessory to the casual urban look. 

#2 Sean John


Sean John was created straight from the roots of hip hop. Dropping in 1998 by the very own Sean Combs. It quickly gained interest throughout the urban streetwear community and rap fanatics at the beginning of the 2000s. Various underground artists started using the brand in their tracks leading up to the likes of Young Jeezy in a hit song like “Air Forces”. Overall, the brand made a huge hit on the streets making classic velour suits and streetwear clothing popping. 


From casual wear to shoes FUBU (For Us By US) caught up quickly with a catchy abbreviation transitioning into pop culture movies bringing out its underground hip hop nature. Big logos and basic colors for maximum spotlight on the brand name. “Foo-Boo” as it is pronounced is a part of the 90s come up in streetwear.

#4 Ecko Unltd

Marc Ecko the founder of the brand initially started his venture with Ecko as a T-shirt company after some time he traveled to Hong Kong to learn more about the clothing business. Popularization didn’t come after Spike Lee and Chuck D helped bring this well-known brand to light. Finding fame in the East Coast of the US Ecko was first rocked by Mobb Deep better known as the ambassadors of underground hip hop of NYC.  

The 80s and 90s were creative times for the likes of performers, studios, artists, and streetwear driven brands to collaborate. Times rode of restrains and rise of rebelliousness when it comes to your creativity.

For Urban Move being creative is implemented to every aspect and with our further ventures, we will strive to engrave this mindset to every consumer who wishes to be a part of our movement. Like most brands, we look back at our predecessors and wonder “How can we make this look more like us?”. We come from a strong dance, music, and sports culture and it’s our duty to make this vast field of possibilities into products for you to enjoy.