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Rethinking Fashion Sustainability

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Fashion enthusiasts, Here's How You Can Help Change the Environment

As increased attention is drawn towards the phenomenon of climate change and global warming considering environmental pollution, people from various walks of life have been advocating for governments and industries to create policies and practices with the best of the environment at heart. But such calls and lifestyle changes should not be reserved for hunting, deforestation, and the like. For people concerned about environmental sustainability, the fashion industry is another area to observe.

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While some have left Millennials to lead the crusade's charge on environmental sustainability, Urban Move wants people across every generational demographic to make informed choices about their fashion. Why? It's simple! Everyone wears clothes. Clothing is an essential aspect of livelihood, and it is crucial that we are concerned about where our clothes originate and how they are made.

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The world's current population is over 7.8 billion, and because everyone wears clothes, the fashion industry is grappling with overproduction and over-consumption issues. Indeed, the fashion industry is responsible for about 10% of humanity's carbon emissions. Surprised? Owing to consumerism, fashion companies seek ways to meet their customers' demands, who seem insatiably hungry for the next trendy thing. This, demand combined with the fashion industry's use of raw materials, creates a huge carbon footprint.

Are you a street fashion enthusiast looking for the best way to make an eco-conscious fashion statement? Urban Move Apparel is here for you!

Environmentally in vogue with Urban Move

Dedicated to ensuring that fashion does not happen at the expense of the environment, Urban Move Apparel is committed to making sustainable fashion available to consumers without the extra cost. All our fashion collections are made with raw materials of high quality, so they last longer than usual even when consumers continuously use them. We have already seen the age of "less is more." At Urban Move, we want to go a step farther and say:

"Buy less, buy better!"

With fashion as a fixture in our lives and society, eco-conscious fashion aims to protect the environment and the planet while staying comfortable, on-trend, and fashionable.

Urban Move Apparel has stepped up and is proactive about protecting the environment through fashion with the foresight and dedication to a New-Age Fashion Sustainability StrategyThis sustainability strategy means we are not waiting for customers to demand these changes before we react.

Our on-demand sustainability strategy ensures that customers get eco-friendly fashion clothing anywhere in the world when they want them. Urban Move Apparel does not include overstock merchandise with our resolve to move away from the traditional "throwaway fashion" lifestyle by improving the supply chains through the use of less waste in fabrics and inventory.

You can still bet your bottom dollar we will deliver high-quality, sustainable fashion items made with durable fabrics and fresh designs on time.

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In the age of trendy fashion statements, few statements might be better at showing your concern for the environment, like wearing clothes made with the environment's sustainability in mind. Don't just talk about climate change - show up and step upby shopping at Urban Move Apparel. Add some credibility to your resolve to play your part in reducing the impacts of environmental pollution. Urban Move is here to help and make a change.

Please browse through our custom-made and environmentally in vogue streetwear fashion clothes at Urban Move Apparel!

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