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Urban Move, Streetwear, Sustainability

Fashion's Environmental Footprint

Did you know that the fashion industry has been considered as one of the major polluting industries in the world? 

10% of humanity's carbon emissions are being emitted by the fashion industry due to overproduction of new clothes and apparel collections which causes irreversible environmental damage.

The fashion industry is facing well-known global environmental issues that every company should take under serious consideration before going into business. Many fashion companies struggle to provide sustainable practices which should be aiming to prevent any collateral damage caused to the environment.

Urban Move, Streetwear, Sustainability

Why should we care about sustainability in fashion?

Two of the major issues that the fashion industry still has to deal with - overconsumption andoverproduction.

Nowadays, the same old practice is taking place which is to mass-produce apparel without having the right data if this production is going to be sold and has a high demand for it in the long run. Moreover, this overstock of products has already used the environmental resources and polluted its surroundings causing contamination that affects everything around us.

Current generations are strongly influenced by consumerism by being always hungry for newness. Associated also as the “throwaway society”, this community of consumers contributes to rising levels of consumption across the globe which drives fashion companies to constantly over deliver as expectations are rising with every single day.

Urban Move, Streetwear, Sustainability

Fashion shouldn't cost the Earth! It's time to take action ...

Why is "On Demand" production our solution?

On Demand production combined with ethically sourced and sustainable garments has created opportunities to further reduce the waste and impacts within the apparel supply chain. We rely on high-quality production more durable fabrics and fresh looking designs that stand in time and are appreciated by our customers.

The “On Demand” production has only one negative side - slower delivery. However, since every clothing is custom-tailored, we do not overstock merchandise in our warehouse as we do our best to meet customers’ demands on quality, time and sustainability.

By changing our business plan and production process by moving away from traditional practices that harm our environment, we have the chance to show that stepping into the fashion industry, fully aware of the current global issues, can change the game and be responsible for our future.

Urban Move, Streetwear, Sustainability

Take part in our sustainable journey

Urban Move takes step further upon creating a simple, yet robust Sustainability Plan that aims to take care of the environment long-term. Urban Move’s merchandise is created only On Demand in order to solve one of the core issues in the fashion industry - mass-production that leads to increased pollution.

As a newly founded company based in the United States, we want to take responsibility from day one and have a clear vision of how we want to impact our community and what our message should be.

Urban Move, Streetwear, Sustainability