Our Story

What is a brand without a story but what is a brand without a dream?

- Definitely nothing ..

Let us give you a short introduction of how we started Urban Move, how we envision our future, and what is the true meaning behind our clothes.

Summarized in one sentence this is how we managed to get here:

"Find for yourself what you love to do, take this passion that is burning inside you to create your dream business, project, or platform that speaks your truth, and supports your vision!"

Urban Move was created on the ground of what we and our team loves and cherishes - hip-hop and R&B music and dancing. The electricity that comes through music and runs through your mind and body is something beyond measure. This is what sparked our flame in first place in order to step forward and build a business around our passion.

With our custom-designed seasonal clothing line, we want to show and express how we understand the meaning behind the streetwear culture and history at large. People who are indulged in this lifestyle know that we are all passionate about how we dress and what vibe carries us on the streets. However, being only a fashion-based company is not the main purpose of the brand ... it's much more.

Establishing a brand that people recognize themselves as involves their support and love for our products. This will give us the opportunity to create the biggest and most trusted stage for young artists that have immense talent and are waiting patiently for their spotlight moment. As noticed, in the music industry the battle for a record deal is beyond tough, the competition is unreal and not easy to overcome. Thus, we want to transform the game and give a voice to young talents that are really deserving to be heard by the world.

This is our dream and long-term vision of how we project Urban Move. It is created on the grounds to unite, inspire, and push forward this part of the music industry in a whole different direction where everyone is heard and seen on a larger scale than ever before.

In our company, we speak through our brand about youthfulness and dedication, about being bold, smart, motivated, and brave in times where it is tough to prove yourself. We know that to start a business venture or take your talents to the next level by stepping on the big stage is tough, but not impossible. If you are ready to go 101% for it and also knowing that you have a strong community behind you .. then nothing can't stop you to fulfill your dreams.

Our brand and our community are here to support and uplift everybody that shows true dedication, talent, and passion.

Be one with the movement .. Be part of our story!