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Rise of Streetwear

  • 2 min read

From its breakout in the early '90s with underground punk rock and skate scenes to the mainstream media, Hollywood and the sports world, streetwear managed to crawl into every aspect of today’s life.


Still keeping its rebellious look and edgy personification streetwear has become one of the most influential casual wear lines of the 21st century.


Athletes from various sports like basketball, soccer, football are becoming the main focus with their outlandish choices in clothes with some of them creating their own clothing lines in the process. Individuals like Russell Westbrook come to mind when mentioning an “outlandish” pick of attire. With his own clothing line, he became most noticed off the court for the way he carries himself with a bold choice and mixture of different styles and a lot of them centred around streetwear. 

With all these unique dressers it’s hard to forget where it all started, the music industry. Since its beginning streetwear has always been at the core of the music industry, artist expressing their emotions through music and even further through their style. Streetwear helps with its personalization to one’s character, allowing people to express their emotions not only with their words, but with their choices in clothing as well. That is why nowadays you see so many artists dress in expressive ways with the help of brands holding that streetwear niche. Artist like Pharrell Williams and Kanye West made it noticeable and now the new age of performers create their own style with streetwear being even further clutched in it.

All and all this creative and expressive style caters to the emotional needs of people willing to show their point of view. This only goes to show that streetwear provides an emotional outlet helping people to envision their thoughts and dreams.