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From hip to punk

  • 2 min read

The transition in cultures becomes more and more prevalent with the rise of different dancing and music styles. Fashion can’t seem to be settled and with the constant changes, the industry has to adapt to the culture.

As most of us can see in the last few years hip-hop is not just plain hip-hop. You can see the mesh in genres with country, punk, rock, and even metal.

I know hard to believe… but u can see it in a lot of artists nowadays.

These trends started happening around the end of 2015 and they're getting even stronger. Streetwear fashion is dictated by people’s likes and aspirations. Sometimes you can’t comprehend how fast your point of view has changed and before you know it, you’re mimicking your favorite artist’s style.

To mark the beginning of the dark themed yet colorful fashion wave, we can start with a familiar figure who set some of the standards for the generation Y and Z hip-hop heads.

The rap world is usually the one that drives the streetwear community. However, since the 90s rap has changed a lot. People respond more to emotional-based music in line with inner emotions more so than anything else. Rapping about personal, intimate, or emotional problems. This can solely be derived from the generation that raps today, as it is the same one that grew up with nu-metal bands like Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit or Korn, hence the darker music.


To be honest, the generation influenced by punk and rock music as well as rap is getting more and more mainstream. There are even artists that made such a huge impact in the rap world even though their genre is undefined. Artists like Xxxtentacion can be taken into consideration as the 2pac of the new generation.

Somehow, he managed to influence people on a much higher level of music. His death hit the rap world very hard. This was shown with the mass public gatherings throughout the summer of 2018 in tribute to his music and honor of his impact. Even though his style can’t be put just under the “rap” label, it certainly can be placed under as alternative rap, rock, and emo music.

With all the emotions floating around this newborn style of music, people were able to connect with these performers on an emotional level, striving to be like them thus copying their fashion choices as well.

The dim styled clothing resonates with people who like to be in touch with their emotions. Generations have changed your emotional point of view matters more than ever nowadays. Due to this fact streetwear fashion has changed into a physical manifestation of your emotional stance. Bright colors added to a black background or baggy colorful clothes have been selling out on the streetwear market. Overall an everchanging rap game leads to an everchanging streetwear style and of course the more extravagant the better, I guess…