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TRIGGERED | Heavyweight Hoodie


TRIGGERED" brings you back to a time of undisturbed expression. In line with a basic hoodie design and the bravado of the 90s. Meshing a new look with an old flow in perfect harmony. And let's not forget, a screaming logo that will make every old school streetwear enthusiast look at it and say “I have to cop that”.

This limited heavyweight hoodie instills the 90's tough lifestyle vibe that will make you feel that you own the streets.

  • Built to Perfection: Handcrafted heavyweight hoodie with premium ring-spun cotton created with a 3-end fleece for ultimate comfort.
  • Generous Fit: This unisex heavyweight garment has a relaxed fit and it is completed with a fleece-lined hood.
  • Exceptional Fabrics: 10 oz (330 gm), 70% cotton and 30% polyester blend 3-end fleece.
  • Unmatched Look: The finishing touch on our hoodie is the heavy gauge round drawcord and nickel eyelets.
  • Premium Print: Finest digital print on the market that makes every artwork stand out and grab everyone’s attention.
  • Made in the USA

Size Notice

  • Female model wears "S".

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