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Who started the movement?

Urban Move shows the true meaning of streetwear clothing, history and culture at large. Creating this opportunity not only for us but to our whole community has never been so exciting and enlightening. But before going into details, we want to present ourselves and see who stays behind the curtains of this streetwear brand and urban movement.

Born in Bulgaria, but currently operating in America, we are brother and sister from a beautiful Eastern European country renowned for its vast history and colorful traditions. Being young, motivated and inspired we have decided to dig deep in the streetwear fashion, culture and music movement. We believe that it is never too late to build something meaningful especially if this is what truly drives us both and makes our foundation even stronger. We strive to provide every detail of this culture and history to your doorstep through our clothing line.

Meet Ivaylo

"Be one of the Movement!"My favourite slogan, reminds me as to why we started our brand and this is what drives us to design, create, produce and deliver unique streetwear merch.

I'm Ivaylo, the Co-Founder of Urban Move. Born and raised in Bulgaria, I came to United States 10 years ago where I started from the bottom and had to overcome a lot of difficulties as everybody else.

After working in the hospitality industry for 7 years, I realized that while I had enjoyed revenue management, sales and analysis, I wanted to invest myself in a dream of my own, which along with my sister is to create unique and fire streetwear fashion brand.

I have always being inspired by big brands such as Nike, Adidas, Supreme and wanted to deliver a piece of our own creative ideas and artwork into the streetwear world and this is how the whole idea around Urban Move started.

We are a store that sells not just outfits but a trend. We provide clothes more than just stitched fabric. Each design and artwork piece is unique and embodies the spirit of the real streetwear culture that we stand behind. -Ivaylo

Meet Jackie

"The City is our Kingdom." - The true face of Urban Move is the Pigeon - the "Urban King" of every city in the world. He owns the streets and listens to his favourite tunes from his headphones. Urban Move links fashion and music together where each one is a vital part of the other intertwined in one movement.

Hi world! My name is Jaklin and I'm the Co-Founder of Urban Move. I'm born and raised in Bulgaria and this is the place where I still live and create. Since childhood, music has been always part of me as my life has been heavily influenced by hip-hop and R&B. This profound love made me start dancing hip-hop and 9 years later I managed to find my own style and share it on big TV formats and events.

My other passion is Digital Marketing where I have 6 years behind in this industry and still counting. Combining my love with music and marketing, the idea of Urban Move was born. Streetwear is heavily influenced by the music industry and especially the hip-hop world. Thus, this gives me the freedom to create with my heart and body without having any boundaries and this is the true magic.

"Streetwear fashion is a profound movement, a special feel that we want to dance out on the world stage creating an emotion that translates the art created and implemented on those fabrics." -Jackie

What is our goal?

We speak through our brand about youthfulness and dedication, about being bold, smart, motivated and brave in times where it is tough to prove oneself. To start a business venture that matters not only to you but to the whole world could be tough but it is not impossible if you are ready to go 101% for it.

By supporting us to establish a brand that people recognize themselves in and are also happy from our products, will give us the opportunity to create the biggest and most trusted stage for young artists that have immense talent and are waiting patiently with years for their spotlight. As noticed, in the music industry the battle for record deals is beyond tough, the competition is unreal and greatly severe. Thus, we want to transform the game and give voice to young music talents that are really deserving to be heard by the world.