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The Introduction

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We live in a world that is constantly changing. No one knows what to expect from the future, we can only prepare for what's to come the best way we can. A way of thinking, a carefully planned out plan or just going with the flow. We are the ones who have to find what best fits our personality. 

Now you’re probably thinking” What does this have to do with streetwear?” 

… Everything

We shared some extraordinaire stories and people on our blog. People that changed the outlook of streetwear for everybody watching and admiring them. Athletes like Allen Iverson, Russell Westbrook, and artists like Pharrell Williams and Kanye West. They paved the way for people to express themselves through their fashion choices and innovative thought to create them. Clearing and calming the mind of those who were not brave enough to make the step. 

Everything has begun with a thought, an idea, or for some pioneers in the streetwear business became a way of life or even a culture. Millions started following in their footsteps because they related to this culture, sometimes more than the actual creator could imagine. These idealistic characters went from being themselves to being the center point for many with only a vision. That is what we strive for with Urban Move, to create, inspire, and envision the future in the streetwear style.

Everyone in the brand has a kind of connection to this culture. We have an idea or should we say a way of thinking that we wish to portray in the rising of our brand.

Many years being a part of the culture has led to us having a vision of the future in streetwear. We like to incorporate this vision into something positive and change the game in the clothing industry. The new generation of bold fashion enthusiasts to have their idea, to be able to express themselves freely through our brand. Whether music, sports, acting, or their way of expression.

There should be no limits to our goals and that is what we want to brand in Urban Move and its community.

Idealistically to create a movement, so others can have a voice…