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AirDon Collection - The City King Awaits You

Everything in this world has a hidden meaning and we are ready to share our secret message behind the City King.
Urban Move, Streetwear, City King

The symbol of AirDon collection is the Pigeon that stands for being “The City King” who is a notable member and fashion guru of the streets where it lives and belongs. The pigeon symbolises the power of personal expression and the freedom to show it to the world without any restrictions or concerns.

Urban Move, AirDon Collection, Streetwear

Be one with the movement” is a coined phrase by Urban Move that represents our goal of creating a unified community of passionate young talents striving to be the next big name in the music industry by giving them the stage and spotlight they deserve. At the same time, this community also invites all streetwear fashion lovers who are ready to dive deep into the street culture that has been engraved deeply in our society and to push forward the fashion boundaries of our society. We want to share the thrilling journey of our streetwear movement by inspiring and being inspired, by helping, supporting, and encouraging all music talents and fashion gurus that are here to make history and help us share their stories to the world.

"The City King that awaits to be worn and write history while having it on."

This capsule clothing line is very dear to our team who stands behind Urban Move. As former hip-hop dancers and music artists, we know that what we do and create is more than just apparel. We dress, dance, sing, and talk to express our feelings, emotions, and attitude. Urban Move is here to support the streetwear movement that inspired so many generations as this being only the beginning. We as a company want to provide the best service to our customers and also to ensure that the quality of our apparel is supreme and fashion-forward for our times. The message that we carry is engraved deeply into our clothes as those who recognize themselves will feel the power of personal expression.

Urban Move AirDon Streetwear Collection

Explore the AirDon Collection and let the City King speak through you!