Our Cause


Everyone deserves a home, warm clothes and good food. Access to adequate housing, food and clothing is a problem that society needs to face head on. Our company mission is to provide better access to them by creating an income stream for those in need using eCommerce. 


Some of us in society have a place to go home to at night. We were raised in good neighborhoods, with loving parents and had access to the things we needed to feel safe, loved and at home.

Some of us were lucky... Were you?

We believe it's our responsibility to close the loop and share the love. Each of us has the power everyday to make different decisions about the way we shop. And we can demand altruism from the businesses who benefit from our community. 

It's our mandate to operate a business that focuses on how it can positively impact society first, before it considers its bottom line. We've designed our company to directly relay a portion of profits to social causes in communities where adequate housing, food and clothing is needed. By purchasing products from Urban Move each month a larger portion of charitable profits go directly to individuals in communities who lack the funding for food and clothing. 

Don't Turn Away, Give Away - Urban Move.