Our Cause - MusiCares


Everyone deserves assistance in hardships that happen throughout people's lives. Having an unlimited support from their loving family, community, friends and also people who are ready to help without even knowing the person in need is truly priceless.

Urban Move supports a noble mission organized by MusiCares that is praised worldwide for their impact with helping music artists in need

MusiCares is a non-profit organization established in 1989 by the Recording Academy focused on creating a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need. The organization helps people we all know, whether it's a young guitar player who is about to undergo surgery without health insurance; a veteran pianist whose hand injury will prevent him from performing for an extended period; the family of a beloved blues artist who cannot afford to pay for his funeral; or a songwriter who has found that substance abuse is consuming his life. They can and does help. 

Our mission is to join forces and provide love, care and help to those talents in need by creating an income stream using eCommerce power.


Some of us in society are healthy, have everything they need to live happily and are on the road to success. We were raised in good neighborhoods, with loving parents and had access to the things we needed to feel safe, loved and at home.

Some of us were lucky... Were you?

We believe it's our responsibility to close the loop and share the love. Each of us has the power everyday to make different decisions about the way we shop. And we can demand altruism from the businesses who benefit from our community.

"Don't Turn Away, Give Away" - Urban Move.

Urban Move stands behind all music artists and dancers that are in need of help and require our support. As a strong community, we want to take care of those immersive talents that are born to create and inspire and uplift their souls to a brighter future.

It's our mandate to operate a business that focuses on how it can positively impact society first, before it considers its bottom line. We've designed our company to directly relay a portion of profits to this social cause. By purchasing products from Urban Move each month a larger portion of charitable profits go directly to MusiCares organization.