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Sneaker Culture

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A whole genre on its own, sneakers have always been an inseparable part of every fit. The casual streetwear lover is very in tune with the current sneaker trends so to fool them with an irrelevant model is meaningless.

The sneaker culture could be separated into several sections depending on the wearer’s hobbies and way of life. Athletic footwear, casual wear, or a combination of both is the usual choice. From then on, you can segregate this vast sneaker universe even more if the specifics lay within those three sections.

So, let's dive into the world of a sneakerhead…

For a start, we need to rewind the tape a little bit, as Ludacris once said “Let's get back to the basics, back to Adidas with the fat laces” or in other words the 80s.

With the rise of urban fashion and the collision of social issues back then, a sneakerhead culture was also in the making.

There are a lot of sporting sneakers that can be mentioned here but the most noticeable one is a part of the Nike family.

Athletic footwear took many turns along the way, but Nike entering the streetwear culture can easily be assigned to the Jordan brand. This historic model is not used anymore on an NBA court but it made a perfect transition, casual yet sporting segment for every streetwear set. Other brands like Reebok and Adidas can be included in the segment especially with the Allen Iverson Reebok “Answer” series.

Honorable mentions can be given to another Jordan model as well.

Casual footwear and combos

Today everything can be seen as a casual shoe. People wear various eye-catching models (even ones which don’t make any sense). In the middle of Manhattan, you can see someone wearing cowboy boots (I guess “The wild wild east” is in fashion these days).

Nonetheless, there are standout goods that catch the eye of the leisure loving streetwear fanatic.




Yeezys have been around since 2015, the desire to get a pair of these bad boys was shocking. In some countries, raffles were organized in Adidas shops, so that a person could have the chance to win a pair. The initial word that this model is about to drop is in 2013 where Adidas posted a statement about their collaboration with Kanye. Anticipation grew enough and in 2 years it dropped on the streets and immediately entered the streetwear community… Adidas and Kanye played their cards right.

We don’t want to leave anyone behind and in that case, we want to present a special brand for all the B-boys out there - the Puma Suede.

Most of the brands we mentioned have a connection with dancing and music. Starting from different places but meshing perfectly in the end.

The fads constantly change from Chucks to Adidas to Nike and nowadays engagement with less “street” brands became more popular. You can see people rocking Gucci’s, Under Armor, and New Balance with a streetwear combo.