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What is Streetwear?

  • 2 min read

Streetwear is not only a lifestyle brand but a unique movement of the youth that comes from or is directed back towards, the street or street culture.

"The real fashion hustlers of this new generation are born in the streets."

The word "street', used altogether with another word as "wear" or "culture", is used by so many different people, companies and institutions that a true definition hasn't been formed yet for almost three decades. "Streetwear" is not only a fashion brand or just some random clothing products, but it is a lifestyle movement of the youth. It is either part of your daily life and you carry it within yourself or it is just something that you want to be known for and it will be replaced in time.

Most people may agree that streetwear is at the core of an intensely independent urban subculture. Over the past thirty years, it has been one of the most influential and viral topics that are quickly embraced by the public and over the last decade massively distributed and well-known in the hip-hop street culture. There is still an unspoken understanding between those who wear streetwear and are involved in the subculture about what truly is, or perhaps defines what's not. One can simply confuse himself if he starts searching for an answer.

Not everything worn on the street could be labeled automatically as streetwear, and neither there is a strict dress code that defines how should streetwear be worn and expressed. This makes the street culture so vibrant and dynamic, it breaths live and gives freedom to express oneself in this colourful world where streetwear fashion becomes dominant.

Streetwear is simply a lifestyle movement defined, embraced and lived by the youth, inspired by the music industry and loved by all of its followers in times where there are no boundaries to show your unique style and true personality.