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Wardrobe essentials

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Giving off a streetwear vibe has to be built, for some building it may include wearing the snazziest of outfits or the latest trend. We think this could be achieved in a much simpler way.

Streetwear wardrobe essentials for us is meant to be taken as it is “an essential”. You don’t need the most fashionable or newest fit to kick it with the rest of the streetwear community. On the contrary, we believe the fundamentals are key and with the right combination of items you can come out with a fire outfit.



We begin with plain Tee, yeah, we know it’s not flashy but bear with us for a minute.

Did you know the Tee became a standard-issue garment for the US Navy in 1898 during the Spanish-American war?

Back then it was used for pure practicality and the next 50 years it was solely linked to the army. In 3 decades, it changed its purpose multiple times. The 60s were times of trial and protest so this apparel became a billboard of social issues. The 70s took a lighter turn for the Tee making it humorous with witty quotes such as “[insert city here]” or “My mom went to New York and got me this T-shirt”. By the beginning of the 80s, the T-shirt became an accessory for the representation of your favorite brand. Mostly present with artists, performers, or surfing brands.


Bomber Jacket and MA-1 jacket 

Again, going along the line with musical idols and military influence, the Bomber Jacket was risen to fame by artistic people one of which was Amy Winehouse. It solely represented a unique sort of style.

While the MA-1 Jacket can make off as a more formal yet street look. Based on its name you can guess it’s military-focused and for a long time, it was.

  • Interesting fact: The original model with the faded green on the outside and the orange lining was used to indicate your plane was going to crash when reversed to show the orange lining.


Sweatsuit (Tracksuit)

Nowadays, people mostly know them as the official garment for B-boys from the Bronx and British youths. They started to be seen as such in the early 90s, before that tracksuits again had their come up in the military.

Polo shirt








This is a basic item present in nearly every wardrobe. It has a stylish look that carries the appreciation of golf club members, frat boys, and people going for the posh look. Its’ transition into streetwear made it acceptable through different social groups but the original white polo shirt with the blue edging on the color still holds the preppy style in fashion.  






Inspired by the US forces (Yes, apparently the military was Poppin back in the days), khakis give off a formal street look but quite a turn off for some. Originally khaki and flat-fronted, they now come in a variety of colors, one of which is Nantucket red that’s fading into pink.
Could make a great fit if combined correctly but as the British say “It’s not everybody’s cup of tea”.


An iconic piece of wear originating from cowboy culture becoming one of the most versatile fabrics that it’s not excluded from the streetwear fashion. It is one of the pioneers in the street movement with jackets, shirts, and jeans all different models fading in and out of fashion depending on the trend.


Baseball caps

A classic accessory with every brand, originally debuted as a trucker hat in the past, as farming companies used to give them to their truckers as freebies. Divided into two variations fitted and snapbacks, the choice to make is based solely on personal preference.



Hoodies are essential with everyone born after the 1980s (if you’re reading this you are probably wearing one). Designers have been busy with this item, it has the level of versatility of a Tee but throws in a hood as well. Combined with a bomber or an MA-1 jacket it can make a killer look.


And finally, Footwear…Footwear can be identified as its own culture but we’ll get into that on another subject.

The list for casual streetwear lovers in this section is huge. Brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas, and Chuck Tailors take the lead. Overall, there is a lot of room for experimentation.