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Culture vs. Culture

  • 2 min read

Culture in a sense is a general idea of one’s character. What people want and the way they portray it. The manifestation of a person’s intellectual achievements.

A human mind has different ways to portray this culture. Some do it through their voice others do it through their moves, dance, etc. But there’s something that unites all of these criteria, and that’s clothes.

Everybody wears clothes, some choose them to be comfortable, others to be stylish, but in general, everybody wants to look good. There is another category for people to dress to, and that’s to show your culture.

This is where streetwear comes in.

A way of dressing or way of life is the question. To pick streetwear you have to be bold. Bold enough to express yourself, strong enough so that you can go out and be yourself. Very little achieve that and many give up. But if you can endure, you’re in it forever.

Streetwear differs from continent to continent. In the United States, streetwear culture is based on music or celebrities. People watch and duplicate how their favorite artist walks and talks. And a lot of the time they copy his style. While a lot has been created in streetwear people continue to change the style and most of the time it circles music.

Music is powerful it affects to change you and for a lot of people, it oftentimes shows through their clothes.

Creates a platform not only for music lovers but for streetwear lovers. While different genres have different styles, people have found a way to combine them. Grunge and Hip-hop, Punk and RnB, even high-class designer clothing lines like Gucci got into the streetwear craze and started making street-inspired clothes. The USA may very well be one of the top showing grounds for the streetwear community.

In Asian culture, the streetwear begins to differ. People have created streetwear for people to be loyal to a fault. Japan or China, are consumed by the culture in them which on its own differs in so many ways. People can draw creative and for most of us unbelievable paintings, characters or even buildings there. When people visit cities in Japan or China, they are often amazed by the culture surrounding the cities there.

For streetwear fanatics, creativity can be drawn from everything and for the streetwear community in Asian culture oftentimes is set from the vision of one’s character. Most people there have inspiration from drawings, from characters in anime or even TV. Of course, music plays a big part in the culture of streetwear even there. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be made from anything else

What many people don’t realize is when you get a taste of streetwear you begin to change. In a way, you start to have an opinion and eventually you start to create your style.

You begin to gain courage and self-esteem. It doesn’t matter where you are. You can bring streetwear styles from the US to Japan and still be stylish.

So why don’t you try and represent yourself so that other cultures can learn from you?

Start from today!